What happens when two young pussy crazed teen lesbians in bikinis get mad and decide to settle their differences in snarling female combat?Why, it's a cock blasting good time for any sporting girl enthusiast as the hair pulling and tit twisting escalates into a full-on lesbian teen bikini catfight. Fans of female erotic wrestling and savage catfighting will enjoy our exclusive picture gallery featuring two young lesbo beach babes battling for sexual dominance and pussy licking rights! Let the fighting female bout begin!
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It's Here! Bikini Fights Vol1!

Sweet teen bikini sluts locked in sweaty, sexually-charged erotic wrestling and catfighting matches! All hot young amateurs fighting in their apartments and bedrooms for dominance and pussy bragging rights!


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Watch Teen Girls Fighting!

Wrestling Like Tigers!

"Sara and her lesbian girlfriend Lisa, had spent the day at the beach swimming and soaking up the sun in their little thong bikinis. Everything had been going along fine until coming back from getting a drink, Sara caught her gal pal patting the ass on a hot little beach lolita she was flirting with. She didn't say anything about it then, but as soon as they got home she confronted Lisa about the girl. They started arguing about it and before you knew it, they were locked in a full-on catfight right in their apartment. "You fucking dyke whore!" Sara screamed at her girlfriend "So you want to lick some teenagers pussy? I'll kick your fucking ASS!"..."

Tit Twisting And Grappling!

"Fuck you!" Lisa yelled at her lover "I'll lick any pussy I want!" But Sara was not going to stand for this! She might of been deeply in love with the girl, but her feelings were hurt at what she took to be a brazen insult to her in public. "Cunt!" she roared as she grabbed Lisa's soft tit and twisted it hard "I'll pull your fucking tits off before I give you up to some little slut!" The noise these two wildcats made as they wrestled and smashed about the apartment was deafening! The old man who lived above them thought someone was being murdered in the building and actually tried to dial the police! And the nonstop cussing that came from their young mouths was unbelievable! If you've ever heard a catfight between two pussy crazed young lesbian girls in heat, you can't imagine how loud and profane it can be!..."
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Watch Teen Girls Fighting!

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Watch Teen Girls Fighting!

Biting And Scratching!

"Lisa wriggled out of Sara's grip and threw her lover on the couch, leaping atop her and yanking off her bikini top. She bit Sara's tender young nipples savagely and scratched at her face. "You fucking bitch!" she bellowed "Don't you EVER tell me who the fuck I can look at!" But Sara was not about to give up. She twisted and bit at Lisa's hands and arms, leaving red teeth marks all over the girl's smooth flesh. "STOP BITING!" Lisa screamed at her "Or I'll pull your fucking hair out!" She grabbed a handful of her young lesbian lover's hair and yanked furiously..."

Snarling And Hair Pulling!

"The two lesbian teens tumbled to the floor, snarling and pulling each other's long hair like demons in heat. Their screams and violent cussing was now waking everyone in the building and the people downstairs were pounding on the door demanding that the two girls stop it. But Sara and Lisa were too involved in their screaming catfight to even hear them. "Fuck you, cunt!" Sara yelled loud enough for the whole block to hear "The only pussy YOU'RE going to lick is MINE!" She slapped Lisa violently across the face and shoved her hand down her bikini bottoms to roughly finger the struggling girl's pussy. "This belongs to ME!" she cried "NO ONE ELSE!" Lisa writhed and tried to break free of her girlfriend's clutching grasp..."
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Watch Teen Girls Fighting!

a lesbian teen bikini catfight picture
Watch Teen Girls Fighting!

Twisting Tit And Yanking It!

"With a mighty heave, Sara flung her young lover back onto the couch and immediately jumped on top of her, grabbing her tender breasts and yanking savagely at the nipples. "STOP!" Lisa now pleaded "STOP! I give up!" But Sara was now too aroused to stop her assault on the pleading girl. She pulled her nipples and twisted her tits, then shoved her hand down Lisa's bikini bottom to start roughly fingering her pussy with almost her whole hand. "You're my bitch!" she screamed "I'll fist fuck this pussy if I feel like it! Next time I catch you flirting with some little teenager I'll fist fuck your ASSHOLE!" She lowered her face to Lisa's and kissed her violently on the mouth, sticking her long hot tongue halfway down the struggling girl's throat. She pulled back and whispered in Lisa's ear "You're mine, baby, nobody fucks you but ME!" The catfight was finally over and just as they had been fighting so violently and savagely, their lesbian love making as they made up was equally intense. The people standing outside the door complaining about the noise, could SMELL the hot pussy aroma in the air as the two teen girls gave up themselves to an orgy of lesbian sex!"
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